A visual, material, dictionary - for want of a better... word!


Language is fundamental to our construction of reality; a

crucial tool of existence which enables us to communicate, share knowledge, and understand each other. Yet we often run into misunderstandings.


A dictionary’s monochrome method of definition - using several other words to explain one - isn’t everyone’s ideal way of grasping a word’s meaning.

I want to celebrate the richness of English, as one language, with a visual alternative. Suggesting a noun, action, or characteristic with a product that is placed in context of its meaning gives a more colourful, intuitive and playful method of understanding


Using a selection of peculiar English words, to highlight those we may not know or commonly use, encourages a pause and consideration of language. Translated into and/or printed onto objects which suggest their meaning, through placement or action, they offer an alternative way of defining and understanding; a vocabulary of products.


Laid out in catalogue form, the words to some extent become a commodity, useable in object form as they are in verbal form. Aiming to bring understanding through interaction in the material world.

O ! O !

© 2020 Olivia Watkins